These Recycled Dog Leashes Are Made From Plastics And Old Clothes

As we are all very aware, the amount of plastic that consumes our ocean each year is shocking and quite frankly, scary. To put things into perspective , of the 260 million tons of plastic that is produced each year, around 10 percent of it ends up in the ocean. It may not sound like much at first but 10 percent of 260 million tons is awful, around 70% of the debris will sink into the ocean’s ecosystem.
To help combat the problem which is slowly killing and affecting our ocean life we can all come together to make a huge difference. The best way that you can personally help is reducing your plastic consumption by purchasing products that are made to last for example, buying bamboo or steel coffee cups that you can use time and time again, purchasing strong shopping bags instead of buying plastic bags each time you go shopping and purchasing products that are made from recyclable materials will not only benefit you but will benefit companies that make these products and allow them to carry on producing more.
If you are keen on purchasing products that are unique and like no other, then these recycled dog leashes from Project Blu are going to amaze you. 

You can feel confident when purchasing a Project Blu product that it has been 100% up cycled from ocean-bound plastic bottles and also from recycled clothes. They believe that once customers have had full use of their products they can be recycled again.

When you look at these leashes it’s almost hard to believe that they are made from old plastics, these really are beautiful products that have clearly been made to last and to stand the test of time.
These eco friendly e-leather leashes are a total length of 110cm and has a width of 2cm making it suitable for most breeds and sizes of dog.
It has been made to a high standard making it super strong so even if your dog is a keen puller when out walking, this lead will not have any problems. The top quality solid nickel fixing clip can be used in all sorts of weather conditions and will resist and rust and corrosion.
You will have a comfortable grip with this lead as the design protects your hands from any sudden jolts which you may know can be pretty painful especially if you have a strong dog.

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