The Electrolyte Drink For Your Dehydrated Horse

Part of maintaining equine health is lots of water to keep your horse nicely hydrated and vibrant but for some horses they just seem like they don’t want to drink which could lead to a very dehydrated horse. Dehydration can be fatal if not addressed sooner rather than later as it can have an affect on not only energy levels and appearance but vital organs start to decline.
Rein Water is a natural drink powder with ingredients sourced from Central Utah that actually encourages your horse to drink more water while nourishing them with natural electrolytes. It’s the absolute perfect blend of 60+ essential trace minerals and electrolytes that your horses requires to live a balanced and healthy life. This drink can be especially important for those horses that work hard and sweat in their efforts particularly in the heat. The drink also allows them to have a familiar taste of water when away from home such as camping and at shows etc.
The essential minerals actually come from an ancient sea bed and volcanic ash deposit which are totally untouched by pollutants which makes this product so pure.
Simply add 2 scoops of Rein Water formula to 4 gallons of fresh water. The formula will sink to the bottom of the bucket but rest assured the water is absorbing all of the goodness. After your horse has drank all of the water you can throw away the deposits and start from fresh with more water and 2 more scoops of the mineral formula.

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