This Metal Small Animal Hideaway Is Completely Chew Proof

If you own any small animal then you are fully aware of just how much they like to chew things, in fact anything and everything, there are no limits. Of course it isn’t concerning or a worry as it’s part of their natural instincts out in the wild. Chewing also helps to keep their teeth in good shape too so it’s important that they do have a variety of safe toys to chew away at.
Sometimes though, it can be a pain when they are constantly chewing things such as their hideout toys or bowls etc. It’s okay for your pet to chew on their blocks and toys but if you find that they start to chew away at any plastic items in their cage then this might be a concern. As you know, plastic can become very sharp when chewed and it can leave very sharp and dangerous edges which could lead to some serious injury. Also you run the risk of your small pet swallowing small shards of plastic which is very serious and could be fatal. It’s important to look out for our little pets and check up on them daily to make sure that their environment is safe and sound.
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This metal hut is completely safe and makes a great alternative to the regular plastic hideouts that you typically find in a pet store. It is made of an all metal construction and is guaranteed for life.
The best thing about this metal hut is that you can pop it in the fridge or freezer during the cold months so your small pet has a cool place to sleep during those roasting hot months.
The textured surface allows better grip for your small pet as they climb the metal hideout. The top surface of this hideout measures 6.6″ x5.9″ and the bottom surface measures 10″ x 9″ with the height measuring 7.5″.

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