These Lava Blocks Help Keep Your Small Pets Teeth Trim

If you have a small pet like a hamster, rabbit or chinchilla then you know just how much they love to gnaw at things and this isn’t because they’re necessarily bored but because it’s part of their natural instinct for maintaining healthy teeth. 
It’s actually vital that they do chew to help keep their teeth in super shape so by gnawing and chewing on these lava rocks it’s not only going to provide good dental hygiene but it gives them a little physical workout too. It may also help to keep their nails nice and trim too depending on how they use these lava rocks whether they hold and munch or stand and gnaw.
There are 6 blocks in a pack and each one measures 2”x2”x2”. The lava rocks are super lightweight which means most small animals will be able to push and nudge the block around their cage. 
There are a lot of happy customers that comment on how much their small pet love these lava rocks and it’s a great way to help keep teeth in shape.

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