Top 10 Horse Hay Bags

Finding a high quality hay bag for your horse whether that’s for their stall, trailer or pasture will not only provide them with food but it also means less mess and less waste too. Wild horses have access to natural goodness 24/7 but if your horse is in the stable then they rely on you to keep them topped up. A horse is a natural grazer and if left without being able to graze for too long then health problems start to form such as cribbing, colic and in extreme circumstances ulcers can start to occur.
If you have a very greedy horse then a hay bag will help to slow down their eating as it will take them longer because they have to focus on eating the hay out of the different sections. As with humans, slower eating means improved digestion and overall health as gulping down food can increase the risk of bloat and other digestive issues.
Here is our pick of some of the best hay bags with a variety of designs and styles so you can find one to suit your needs.
Derby Originals Easy-Feed Patented Four Sided Slow Feed...
  • EXCLUSIVE PATENTED DESIGN - our patented four-sided design allows your horse to comfortably eat from any part of this hay bag while also offering...
  • HELPS TO SUPPORT GOOD DIGESTION - our hay bags replicate natural and healthy grazing patterns by slowing down your horse’s rate of hay consumption...
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION - our hay bag is made of super tough double-layered 1200D nylon and features premium hardware and straps and reinforced...
  • THE IDEAL SLOW FEEDER - this 24x24x10” hay bag features 3” by 3.5” rectangular openings which allow your horse to eat comfortably at a more...
Hay Hoops Wall Hay Feeder with Net Black
  • Load quickly and easily
  • Encourages slow feeding
  • Low feeding position allows for more natural eating position
  • Locks flat to wall
Cashel Corner Feeder, Large
  • Convenient way to feed your horse in a stall or slant load trailer
  • Mesh bottom allows dirt and debris to fall through
  • Seams are reinforced with nylon webbing for added durability
  • Adjustable straps allow 4 variance
Westride Slow Feed Hay Bag with Newly Designed Super...
  • New Heavy duty 1200D nylon hay bags. 29" x 24" x 8" large with high hay holding capacity.
  • Adjustable straps with hook at ends for fast removal and hanging. Very functional bag for daily use & shows for easy carrying.
  • Bag has 2 side opening front & back only for easy slow grazing.
  • Westride by SIE EQUESTRIAN
Derby Originals Large Canvas Horse Hay Bag - Black
  • STURDY LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION – these hay bags are made of a durable canvas material, with strong, durable reinforced stitching at every seam.
  • MULTIPLE COLORS – these hay bags are available in six fun colors: Black, Hunter Green, Tan, Plum, Red, and Navy Blue.
  • BACK SECURITY STRAP – these hay bags are equipped with a sturdy, cross-stitched strap across the back so you can tie them to the wall, fence, etc....
  • EASY TO HANG – a pair of nickel-plated D-rings allows these hay bags to easily be hung using rope, snaps, on a nail, or whichever way you prefer!
Freedom Feeder Small Mesh Hay Extended Day Net, 1"
  • 1" DuPont Nylon mesh, for smaller grazers or IR horses that have already been on 1.5 inch mesh
  • Measures 4' x 3' and holds about 8 flakes of hay
  • Last an average 1000 lb horse about 48 hours once transitioned
  • Comes with 4 break-away carabineers for closure and 2 for hanging net
Derby Originals Unisex's 42” Superior Slow Feed Soft...
  • DURABLE POLY ROPE DESIGN - this hay net is made of a durable poly rope material that is resistant to breaking or tearing, as well as damage from UV...
  • EASY ON HORSE’S TEETH - this hay net is made with our unique soft poly mesh that was designed to be extra gentle on horse’s teeth and gums so your...
  • HOLDS 3-5 FLAKES - 42” hay nets will hold approx. 3-5 flakes of hay, depending on the hay type and flake size, and how dense the hay is packed....
  • IDEAL FOR ALL HAYS - this hay net was designed to have an opening size that will comfortably accommodate any type of hay, from orchard grass, to...
Freedom Feeder Small Mesh Hay Day Net, 1"
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of...
  • 1" DuPont Nylon mesh, for smaller grazers or IR horses that have already been on 1.5 inch mesh
  • Measures 40' x 30 inch and holds about 25 pounds of hay
  • Designed to last for a full day, once transitioned
Round Bale Slow Feed Hay Net by Texas Haynet
  • Fits round bales up to 6x6' and square bales up to 4x4 
  • Less than 10% waste
  • UV treated nylon mesh with 1.75" holes
  • Life expectancy: 2-4years 

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