Wahl Professional Cordless Horse Clipper Set

If you’re looking for a high quality clipper for your equine needs then this professional cordless clipper from Wahl is compact and lightweight so you can even carry it in your pocket if at any moment you need to, it will not let you down. Wahl are the leader in the home and professional grooming category and have been well established since 1919. You can trust that their products are quality and are carefully designed with years of experience so you can have a long lasted and professional grooming clipper.

You can feel confident in this product knowing that it’s suitable for touch-ups, finish work, bridle path, fetlock and legs, ears and whiskers and also face and muzzle. You horse will certainly look the part once you have finished grooming them. The 5 in 1 detachable blades are made from a high quality steel that allow you to work on most coat types as the clipper and blade run with 5,500 strokes per minute for the ultimate smooth and professional glide. You can be assured you’ll be able to groom precisely and effectively.

The cordless feature allows you to take it and use it anywhere without the worry of needing to find a power socket. It is a battery operated clipper that has an 80 minute run time and it only requires 75 minutes of charging to reach a full charge again. The noise is quiet enough to keep most animals calm and comfortable during the process.
It’s all that you could want in a decent pair of grooming clippers and to keep everything in one place it comes complete with a carry case so you can store the clippers, batteries, brush and variety of combs.

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