10 Best Toys To Keep Your Parrot Entertained Daily

Your parrot is an intelligent pet that loves to interact and to be entertained. It is essential that you give them a variety of toys and activities to keep their little brains active and healthy. The more that you play with your parrot the more that they will create an everlasting bond with you.
Toys give your parrot the opportunity to learn new skills and to get any frustrations out which help reduce any unwanted behaviours such as screaming, anxiety, biting or any repetitive motions such as head swinging. It gives them both mental and physical stimulation.
A common way for parrots to play is to chew, it’s part of their nature and it’s not just a little chew, they love to chew to bits so ensuring that your parrot has access to a variety of exciting toys will benefit their overall health.
Toys that are particularly good for parrots are made out of wood, straw, coconut shells, rope, rawhide, plastic and other durable materials. Parrots love entertaining toys that are colourful with stimulating features such as noisy bells and mirrors. A mirror acts as a best friend when you are away from home and many people consider a mirror an essential toy for a parrot. Toys that can be filled with treat are an excellent way to keep your parrot busy for a few hours, it will keep them motivated and the repetitive motion of pecking and chewing with also help to keep their bill in good shape.
Did you know that your parrot is able to see all colours? So providing them with colourful toys will definitely catch their attention especially bright bold colours such as yellow, orange and reds.
The list below will give you some great inspiration and will allow you to explore a variety of funky and practical parrot toys. 

Wooden Chewing Parrot Toy

This vibrant, banana themed bird toy measures 22 inches and the bold colors are going to attract your parrot to play. 

The variety of materials used on this toy are going to stimulate your parrot and the wood is dyed with edible pigments so you can be assured in knowing that this is a safe toy for your pet.
The blocks of wood, the plastic balls and the bells are going to encourage your parrot to unleash their natural instincts of playing and chewing.

Parrot Toy Bundle Set Of 3

Your inquisitive parrot is going to fall in love with this colourful toy bundle which includes a climbing ladder, a scrub stick and a block toy. All of these are completely handmade and are made from natural wood and use only food grade colouring.

This set of 3 toys will definitely keep them entertained as they have a variety of textures to explore and get their beaks into.

Wooden Rope Chew Toy For Birds

If you have an energetic parrot that loves to chew then this toy is definitely going to keep them entertained and will allow them to release any excess energy and frustrations resulting in a happier and calmer parrot.

The bright colours are going to attract your parrot and the wooden blocks are placed at different levels so you parrot can have fun exploring and climbing.

Party Time Parrot Piñata

This funky parrot piñata will definitely eliminate any bird boredom that your parrot might be experiencing. It comes in a variety of sizes from small to extra large so you will find the perfect one for your feathered friend.

Natural palm leaves have been used to create this piñata which are creatively woven and as they chew their way through, they will find that the piñata is stuffed with more natural shreddable stuffing.
We like this toy because it has been handmade in the Phillipines using only renewable and recycled materials.

Foraging Shredder Toy For Parrot

There’s nothing more than a parrot loves than to chew and discover new and exciting materials and textures, it’s in their nature.

This hanging toy makes a great addition to their cage and allows them to keep active and mentally stimulated too.
The rattan balls are filled with exciting scrunch paper which your bird may use as nesting material. It’s the perfect gift.

Colourful Stick Bird Toy

Sometimes the most simple design can have the biggest effect.

This colourful stick toy will give your parrot more than enough to chew on which will entertain them for a good few hours.

Each colourful stick is placed onto a metal rod which makes this toy durable and sturdy.

Hanging Parrot Toy Loofah Style

Treat your parrot to this set of 3 rattan chew toys that are going to get them all excited. Place this in their cage and watch them go wild chewing and foraging.

Each toy is completely safe and made using natural materials that are completely safe to chew and sanitary.

Large Parrot Chewing Toy

This large parrot toy is probably one of the coolest toys out there. It will entertain your parrot for hours on end as they have limitless chewing opportunities. 

The multiple layers of this toy encourage your curios bird to climb and discover and the vibrant colours are going to really attract them to want to chew and play.

Birds are natural chewers and absolutely love to untie knots so cotton rope knots are definitely going to be a winner.

Natural Wood Parrot Chewing Toy

This unique natural wood parrot toy is very inviting and your feathered friend is going to love getting their beak into this one.

As a parrots beak is always growing this toy is an excellent option to help maintain a trim beak as they chew and gnaw.

Large Parrot Toy Natural Wooden Blocks

This large parrot toy is pretty epic and it’s going to make the best gift for your adventurous friend.

Simply find a place to hang this monster of a toy whether that’s in their cage or somewhere else and watch as they will be instantly attracted to the vibrant colours and exciting textures.

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