This Activated Cat Litter Deodorizer Will Freshen Your Home

Cat litter trays are great, they are convenient and easy to use but they can be very smelly and embarrassing especially when guests come over. It’s almost hard to cover the smell.

These clever little silicon granules will help to resolve all of your smelly litter tray issues as they have an immediate effect and are long lasting to provide you with a breathe of fresh air.

#1 Cat Litter Deadorizer

The main ingredient of these granules is active silica and 1g of silica can absorb 1ml of water which means it can effectively absorb and neutralise the smell of urine within minutes.

Only natural ingredients are used which means it’s safe and gentle to use around pets and children. The granules are also scent free which keeps your cat safe, happy and comfortable unlike some deodorising products on the market.

Simply shake on your cats litter tray and watch it get to work, there are 2 pouring option available so you can either sprinkle or pour.

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