The Kitty Litter Freshener That Contains Pro-Bacteria Enzymes

If you have a cat who uses a litter tray indoors then you know just how stinky those trays can get and it’s especially hard in the middle of summer when smells are naturally heightened with heat.

This cat litter freshener is definitely going to be your new best friend and a must for anyone who owns a cat.


The special formulated granules contain pro-bacteria enzymes which help to break down urine and poop which completely removes all odours with a subtle hint of spring breeze.

As soon as your cat uses the litter tray the formula wastes no time and starts to digest odours, it is completely pet and child friendly too. So the next time you turn your head when walking past the litter tray just think about how amazing these clever little granules could be for the odours in your house.

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