This Cat Scratching Pad Is Great For Those Cats With Style

If your cat loves all things fancy and unique then this scratching pad will make a great edition to their fancy collection.

This modern design will look great in your stylish home and makes a real eye catcher for your guests.

#1 A sturdy And Stylish Scratching Pad

This fancy cat scratching pad allows your cat to comfortably scratch their claws and they can also use this pad to relax on for a cheeky cat nap. Catnip is provided so your cat will quickly get used to their new toy, simply sprinkle some onto the pad and watch as your cat has the time of their life.

You can be assured that this scratching pad will stand the test of time as it has been made with high quality recycled corrugated cardboard. Your cat will absolutely love it. When not in use, this can be easily stored away ready for the next time.

It’s a fantastic choice if your cat is obsessed with clawing your furniture, this will provide them with their own special place to scratch as much as they need.

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