This Large Cat Plush Condo Is Super Soft And Snug

If your cat loves somewhere really cosy to sleep then this padded plush condo is going to be their favourite spot to hang out. This unique design gives your cat the opportunity to nap safe and sound in the plush condo or they can sit up high and watch the world go by on the padded plush cushion.

This sturdy cat tree condo is made with a reinforced wood base plate which makes it extra stable and it will look great in any room of your house, it also comes in a choice of dark grey or light grey to match your home decor.

#2 Plenty Of Areas For Your Cat To Explore

Multiple layers allow your cat to explore and find a cosy spot to take their all important nap and when they wake up they can enjoy using the scratching poles, playing with the plush ball and using the condo as a climbing frame.

The spacious condo is made with your cats comfort in mind so they will have the space to sprawl out and enjoy some quality kips. It really is the comfiest cat condo out there.

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