This Deluxe Cat Tree Might Be The Fanciest You’ve Seen Yet

If your cat loves a bit of glitz and glam comfort then this awesome cat tree bed is going to make them feel like Royalty. The luxurious design is made for those who like to nap in serious style and it will also look great in your home, you’ll have your guests intrigued.

This beautiful cat tree stands at 70cm high so it’s great for any room of the house, whether you place it in your bedroom or living room your cat is going to adore it.

#1 Luxurious Cat Bed

The poles on this cat tree are securely wrapped in grey sisal which helps to encourage your cat to sharpen their claws, great if they currently claw at your furniture. You could also sprinkle some catnip on the rope to encourage your cat to only this area to scratch their long claws.

The silver crown on the lower deck is encrusted with rhinestones which really make this cat bed stand out from the crowd.

It makes the best surprise for your cat, they will want to test it out straight away.

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