Your Cat Will Love This Cool Cat Tree

If you love unique gifts for your cat then this scratching post and cat bed is going to look great in your house. As we all know cats love to be high up and the higher the better so your furry friend is going to feel like Royalty sitting in the raised pods.

This beige cat bed would be great in any corner of your house, your cat will feel safe and secure and it will be there own special area to nap in peace.

#2 Your Cat Will Have A Cosy Nap On This Bed

It also makes a perfect place for play as the fixed poles are wrapped in a high quality sisal material so your cat can go crazy scratching their claws and having that all important mad half an hour. The plush ball on an elastic band will tease your cat and get them into that playful mood which will help them to burn off some energy.

It’s a great gift and can be used for either 1 cat or 2 cats.

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