This Scratching Post Fits Neatly Into Any Corner

If you like things that just “fit” into place then you will love this corner scratching post that will easily fit into any corner in your home, whether it’s the bathroom or kitchen your cat can have their own personal space where they can sharpen their claws.

This is a great choice if you have a small apartment or a small room where you want to put a scratching post for your cat to use.

#1 This Cat Scratching Post Fits Neatly Into Any Corner

This scratching post will stand the test of time as it’s durable construction made from MDF and steel means that your cat will have years of use out of this post.

Scratching is a normal part of your cats natural instincts so this post has been especially made using non-toxic materials that are completely safe even if your cat decides to chew on it too.

It’s super easy to assemble so when the package arrives your cat will be using the post and playing with the dangling ball within minutes. It’s portable which allows you to take this on your adventures, holidays and trips away so your cat has a piece of home whilst away.

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