This Wall Mounted Cat Perch Will Be A Winner With Your Cat

Wall mounted cat shelves are definitely a popular choice for cat owners. They save on space, so even if you have a small apartment you still have an endless choice of where to put your wall mounted cat bed and secondly there is nothing better for a cat than to be up high so they can feel like king of the castle!

Visitors and guests will be amused when they see these floating cat shelves and the choice is yours of how high you place the shelf so even the oldest of cats can still enjoy to be up high. The 3 climbing steps give your cat extra confidence and stability when climbing so they feel safe and secure. 

#1 The Higher The Better

These beautiful shelves are made from a high quality pine wood which is super sturdy and safe for your cat.

The cat bed can hold up to 30kg so even the largest of cats can enjoy this wall mounted shelf bed and you can have peace of mind knowing that the cushion is tied to the shelf to prevent any slipping or falls. It can be easily removed for a weekly clean or freshen up.

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