This Spilt Honey Pot Bed Is Purfect For Those Cat Naps

We think that your cat will love this spilt honey cat bed, it’s great for placing in any room of your home where your cat can easily slide into for the perfect cat nap. The cocoon shape of this cat bed will keep them feeling very cosy, safe and secure. They can snuggle up into this bed and use the spilt honey mat to stretch their paws on, there’s plenty of cosy space for your sleepy kitty.
A comfy cat bed like this one not only provides a spot for sleeping but gives your cat their own private space which is important especially if you have a lot going on in your house and your cat can safely escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
The super soft plush material bed is made from a high quality suede, filled with a polypropylene cotton. A non slip bottom ensures that the bed stays in one place as your cat climbs in and out which is especially important on slippery surfaces such as laminate flooring and tiles.
Your guests are definitely going to comment on this cute honey pot cat bed as the vibrant colours will catch their eye as soon as they walk into the room. It’s the best gift for that cat who just loves their naps.

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