These Hilarious Dog Balls Give Your Dog A Huge Smile

These hilarious dog balls are just the best gift. When your dog is holding one of these balls in their mouth it looks like they have a set of bright white teeth. Whether you have a small pup or a large dog this ball is going to have you in stitches.
Imagine the look of peoples faces when you take your dog out to the park, beach or even round the block, your dog will definitely have heads turning and it will be the highlight of somebody’s day seeing a massive set of teeth as your dog proudly carries this ball.
The balls are designed with 360 degree teeth so no matter which way your dog is holding the ball you will always see a set of pearly whites. The photo’s that you are going to capture will have everybody laughing out loud.
You will have hours of fun with your dog as this ball not only provides an exciting squeak but it floats too so if your dog is a keen swimmer then you can have lots wherever you go.
The visually impaired can even join in on the fun too as these balls are vanilla scented. Everybody will love these hilarious dog balls with teeth.

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