Your Cat Will Love This Elevated Nest Bed

If you have a cat then you know just how much the love to hop into random small spaces such as boxes and cupboards etc. This is because they feel safe and secure and once they’ve moulded themselves into shape, they’re all set for the best nap ever.
We think that your cat is absolutely going to love this elevated nest bed and they will take many cosy naps in it. Cats like to be raised above the ground, it makes them feel like they are king of the castle.

This nest bed has no contact with the ground which can greatly benefit those who suffer from skin diseases as is can repel moisture and allows the air to circulate better through the mesh material. It’s a great choice for those hot summer months too as your pet will be getting cooler air circulating so they won’t feel as hot and bothered.

Any small pet can use this bed, it’s great for cats, small dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and even chinchillas. The sturdy iron legs are very durable and will hold your pets weight even when they jump in and out of this bed. 
If the nest gets dirty then you can simply remove it and either hand wash or even pop it into the washing machine. It’s a unique and stylish bed for your pet.

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