You Cat Will Love This Adorable Pet Teepee 

This sweet little Teepee is a unique Native American design, and it makes the perfect place for your pet to escape from the world and have some time for themselves, not to mention it will look very stylish and cute in your home blending in with the decor.

It is made from 100% canvas which is very durable so it will stand the test of time, the pine poles are built to last and no worries if it gets dirty because the canvas is suitable for machine washing. It can be used inside in any room of the house and can also be used outside on nice days for example on the decking or in a shaded spot for your pet to go and rest in.

The pet Teepee measures at 28 inches tall, 24 inches diameter and is suited for pets under 12kg/26lb. It’s super easy to assemble, store and clean and included is the canvas tent, pine wooden poles, instructions for assembly and the cosy pom pom pad.
It’s a lovely gift idea for a special pet in your life and you can turn it into a cute haven with pretty lights and pet safe decor.

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