This Stylish Elevated Dog Bowl Looks Like A Piece Of Art

If you prefer items that are stylish and unique, even when it comes to your pets accessories then this elevated dog bowl with an engraved geometric pattern will look like a masterpiece in your home. 
An elevated dog bowl has many benefits and can greatly help older dogs or bigger dogs who find it awkward to bend right down to their bowl which can cause strain on their neck and back. Eating from a raised position will teach your dog to eat at a slower pace which can help to prevent dog bloat. If your dog tends to suffer with digestive issues then an elevated bowl may help to relieve any problems and potentially eliminate after meal vomiting. 
This high quality raised dog bowl stand comes with a stainless steel bowl which is suitable for both water and food. It is designed with your pet in mind as the sturdy base is made of resin that is a lot heavier than plastic bowls so your pet is less likely to tip it over. Circular pads on the bottom of this bowl prevent it from sliding around which may cause scratches on your floor.

The stainless steel dog bowl is dishwasher safe and resists corrosion and rust which makes cleaning easy and quick. Depending on your pets size, choose from 2 sizes to suit their requirements.

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