You Can Even Use This Hoover On Your Pet

This 3 in 1 multipurpose vacuum will be a god send especially if you have a dog or cat that sheds it’s fur everywhere. Save on time, space and money. The handheld device has a patented de-shedding tool with a stainless steel brush head which will help to scrape off any loose hair without harming your pet. It has been designed with your pet in mind as the motor noise measures 68dBA which protects the sensitive hearing of your pet.

When you’re not using this vacuum on your pet it’s perfect for cleaning loose hairs off clothes, beds, sofas and even appliances like keyboards. It will make your life quick and easy as all you need to do is walk around your home and give everything a quick blast with this vacuum which provides up to 60 minutes of run time.
It has a 5 stage filtration system which captures 99.9% of fine particles which makes it great for those with allergies. The filtration system is made up of a stainless steel mesh filter, cyclone technology, HEPA filtration and a high density sponge filtration for maximum effect.
This product has great reviews with customers saying just how great it is for those with allergies and dogs especially seem to enjoy the grooming tool. A great tip from a customer is at first when you get the vacuum just turn it on with your pets nearby, that way when you come to use it on them for the first time they won’t be frightened. 
The package includes the main body, 1 charger, a mini motorised tool, crevice tool/busting brush, a hose, a pet grooming tool and a spare pre-motor filter.

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