10 Gifts That Every Dog Lover Needs This Valentines

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At first glance this candle looks very innocent and glamorous but it says “My dog and I talk shit about you”. This is perfect for someone who loves candles, great for taking into the bathroom for a lovely relaxed bath. Sometimes you just have to talk to your dog about your troubles, they won’t judge!

We all know how important it is to keep chugging the water throughout the day and this dog motivational water bottle will lift anyones spirits when looking at it. Sometimes you just need a little humour in your life to help motivate you to do more of something.
Every dog lover will appreciate this sign to hang in their home. Dogs have an abundance of love to give no matter what and they never hold grudges, we could all learn a little from a dogs life. If you love dogs then this sign is going to lift your spirits and give your guests something positive to read.
This beautiful front door wooden wreath will kindly welcome guests into your home and also pre-warn them that your house might be filled with dogs. Sometimes the little gifts can mean the most and any dog lover will be proud to hang this in their home to show their love for their dog/s. It is also available in black.
This sweet little desk sign holder features 30 funny desk signs and messages depending on how you are feeling in the moment you can choose from a polite “ Can I help you?” To a “Stressed Out” message, it’s a great way of letting people know how you’re feeling without actually having to tell anyone!
Maybe more people could benefit from having these on their desks.

If you’re more of a dog person than a people person then i think this is a definite gift for your home and I’m sure a lot of people will relate to this message. It’s a comical yet kind of serious/much needed sign to have in the front of your home.

Not something we ever thought would make a great gift but this dog face mask will certainly make people chuckle when you’re out and about whether you’re on the school run or even better, your dentist appointment. Wear this proud and make people smile, they will also know you’re a bit of a crazy dog lady.

This adorable crochet dog cup holder will keep your hands dry from ice drinks and keep them protected when you have piping hot drinks. It’s great for use at home or on the go and will fit a standard 12oz or 16oz travel cup.

Maybe you have a friend who dearly misses their dog, this is a lovely way to show your deepest sympathy. This heart felt gift is a special way to remember a lost pet. The angel is holding a dog and it comes complete with an led flickering candle so it can be safely used at anytime and even with kids around. It’s a great memorial dog gift and  a special way to remember a lost pet.

If you’re looking for a lovely gift set for a dog mom then this is going to be the perfect choice.

This set comes complete with a pair of fuzzy socks, a tumbler which keeps drinks hot or cold and a wine stopper, making it great for all dog loving moms out there.

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