Feel Totally Organised With This Airline Approved Pet Travel Bag

If you travel with your pet then you know just how much stuff that you need to pack and also have on hand in a moments notice. If you are an unorganised packer then you probably have a few poop bags in one coat pocket and some treats hiding in the depth of your rucksack, this can leave you feeling very overwhelmed when you need something fast.
This travel bag which is also airline approved will probably leave you feeling the most organised you’ve felt in a long time. With a great selection of different sized pockets and pouches this bag is perfect for keeping all of your pets items safe and secure. The bag will easily fit under an airline seat leaving your mind at ease if you need something, giving you plenty of assurance so you can have a rested trip, and if you did happen to need a poop bag you know that it’s right there in the side pocket.
This bag is great as it just looks like a normal everyday bag, it can be worn over your shoulder, you can carry it by the handles or it can easily glide over your suitcase handle. The large inner compartment is perfect for those heavier or bulkier items such as toys and small blankets, the pockets on the side of the bag can be used for your dogs water bottle and the foldable silicone bowl will easily clip onto the side so you can have it on hand at all times.
There’s no need to worry about dirt, mess and leaks either as this bag is durable and safe. The outer material has a PVC backing and is made from a water repellent Oxford material, the inside also has a leak proof lining so if a pouch of food or a drink happened to leak then the mess can be quickly and easily cleaned up. The mesh pocket at the back of the bag can be used for compact items that need a little air such as a used frisbee or even a pack of wipes.

The travel bag kit for dogs includes: 1 dog tote bag, 2 pet food carriers bag, 1 water-resistant placemat and 2 pet silicone collapsible bowls. It is honestly one of the best pet bags around and the amazing reviews speak for themselves.

If you have a friend who loves to travel with their pet then this bag is going to make their life so much easier. It also comes in a variety of colours so no matter what your style you will find the right one to match you. Choose from black, dark grey, light grey, rose red, pink and even green.

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