Treat Your Dog’s Dry Snout With Some Luxurious Nose Butter

If your dog is suffering with a dry/flaky or a sore nose then it can be very uncomfortable for them. To deal with the itchiness they might sit there for ages scratching away or licking the site but this is only going to make things worse.

They need something that is going to soothe and repair the damaged skin. The Blissful dog nose butter is an absolute winner when it comes to soothing irritated and sore noses.

Why Does My Dog Have A Dry Nose?

There are many factors that can contribute to your dogs dry nose such as low humidity levels, certain medications and illnesses can cause the nose and skin to dry out, your dog might be at a higher risk depending on the breed or living in an arid climate can contribute to your dogs dry and sore nose.

It’s important to check your dogs nose and if you notice that is covered with layers of dry crust then this is a condition called Nasal Hyperkeratosis which is an overgrowth of tissue around the nasal area, it’s not life threatening in anyway but it can definitely affect their quality of life. You want to ensure that your pup is happy and healthy and the good news is that Nose Butter works on all levels of dryness.

This Blissful Dog Nose Butter is made from the best moisturising and healing oils around. The luxurious ingredients in this doggy nose butter are shea butter, olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, cocoa seed butter and beeswax. The combination of these healing oils will help to moisturise any dry skin and will help with any inflammation.
It is a handcrafted product that is made in Far Northen MN using all natural and quality ingredients. 
It’s so simple to use, simply put a generous blob onto your finger and dab onto your dogs nose. If your dogs nose is very sore be sure not to dab too much, you could even use a cotton swab for a gentle application. You should use this continuously until you see some improvement.

Nose Butter comes in a variety of sizes so whether you’re looking for a chapstick size or larger tub then you will find the best one for you.

Your dog will be very happy and impressed with nose butter!

Verified Amazon User
Verified Amazon User
It truly works!
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Our vet told us our pug would need surgery in order to get rid of the crust that was growing on her nose. Never owning a pug before I believed him and began saving up for the expensive surgery. After doing a little research I stumbled upon stories about pugs and dry noses. More research led to nose butter and the various brands. I took a chance and purchased this one. In only 1 month this was the before and after! My pugs nose is completely healed WITHOUT surgery! I also sent this my vet to show that surgery was not needed. My poor dog was suffering while I was trying to save for this expensive unnecessary surgery that my vet told me was needed all while I just could have purchased this inexpensive product and had her nose healed in a month. Give it a try I promise it works! I swear by it! We are even trying the paw butter!
Verified Amazon User
Verified Amazon UserUsed regularly keeps his nose free from dryness
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Still a work in progress, his nose isn't as dry and improving with regular daily use. Would recommended.
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Verified Amazon UserA truly fantastic product
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I was noticing a little bit of dryness and scaly skin around the border of my Aussie's nose, so I went in search of a nose balm and found this. I am so glad I did. While I have to be honest that some patience is required, it's not because of the product, but the dog. It's a challenge to apply without your dog immediately licking it off after. I followed the company's advice of giving my dog something to chew on after so it has time to absorb, but since I didn't want to be feeding big treats constantly, I alternated between giving a long-lasting treat and massaging in the nose butter for a few seconds so it had a chance to absorb. I wasn't consistent with using this every day, so it took a few weeks, but my dog's nose is looking a million times better now, no dryness or flaky skin at all. This stuff will last forever, so I plan to keep using it once or twice a week going forward (as needed) so that the dryness doesn't have a chance to creep up again. If you're experiencing dry, scaly skin on your dog's nose, definitely give this a shot.

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