It’s Okay For Your Dog To Chew THIS Slipper

If your pup has an obsession with chewing your slippers and shoes then this toy slipper will hopefully help to distract them away from your precious footwear.

It’s not always possible to hide your shoes away from the dog so the next best thing is to get them their own look alike dog shoe that they can play with all day long.

This rubber chew slipper has a very attractive design and comes in a variety of colours so you can choose from either blue, red or yellow.
The cut out shape of this slipper with the holes is great for your dogs teeth, as they bite and chew it will help to remove and tartar build up and will give their gums a good massage which promotes good circulation.
Make play time more interesting for your dog by filling the inside of the rubber shoe with their favourite treat, this could be some kibble or even peanut butter, it really doesn’t matter as this toy is easy to wash. You can also freeze the slipper which would be such a treat on a hot summers day or young teething pups would really appreciate something cool to chew on.
The 100% natural rubber is completely safe and non toxic for your dog, it’s also durable so will stand some rough play. This dog chew slipper weighs 237g and measures 6.8cm x 16.3cm.
It makes the best gift for someone with a puppy or even an older dog that still enjoys chewing from time to time.

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