A Huge Knot Toy For Your Large Dog

If you have a large dog then you know how important it is to supply them with a range of toys to suit their size. For example there have been many cases of larger breeds such as Newfoundlands and Saint Bernards swallowing tennis balls and owners haven’t realised that an innocent tennis ball can be fatal for such a large breed.

This large knot is going to be perfect for your large dog and they are going to have hours of fun racing around with this toy.

#1 Large Dog Knot Toy

This knot toy is sturdy  and durable enough to withstand  those aggressive chewers. It is made from non-toxic material making it a safe choice for your dog.

Forget boredom with this toy as your dog will be entertained for hours as you join in and play a game of tug of war. It can also help to reduce anxiety and stress too.

This large dog toy makes an awesome gift for that special dog in your life.

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