The Best 5 Dog Toys To Keep Them Entertained During Quarantine

As social distancing is a real thing now and we are being told to stay at home, it’s important that we make sure our dogs have plenty of interesting toys to prevent boredom and to encourage exercise, especially if you aren’t able to take them out.

These top 5 dog toys are pretty awesome and will keep your pooch entertained for a few hours each day. Make sure that you get involved playing with your dog and take the toys outside where the whole family can join in.

#5 Natural Rubber Dumbbell

If you have an aggressive chewer in the house then this high durability dumbbell is a must!

It will keep your dog entertained and also help to protect your furniture and other items that your dog may chew such as their own bed or your slippers etc.

The 3D particles on the toy help to clean your pups teeth as they chew which helps to maintain oral health.

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