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Give Your Dog The Ultimate After Surgery Comfort With This Inflatable Donut Collar

You may be familiar with the image of a dog or cat wearing a cone (or some call it a lampshade) after they have had surgery but just think about how uncomfortable those things must be. They can be quite intimidating for your pet especially if they are generally a little anxious in general and getting to sleep in a comfortable position with a cone can be quite a challenge, not to mention when it comes to meal times.

An inflatable donut collar has so many more advantages than a traditional cone and will provide your pet with the ultimate comfort so they are able to rest their head and get some healing sleep. A major benefit of the inflatable collar is that it doesn’t limit their field of vision unlike a traditional cone which limits what they are able to see. 
Your pet will be more relaxed and feel safer wearing an inflatable collar as it’s lightweight and very soft, it is designed to prevent your pet from being able to reach any surgery sites or rashes allowing the wound to heal naturally without your pet being able to lick or bite the area.

To attach, simply thread your pets collar through the loops on the inside of the donut and adjust the strap then put the collar onto your dog as usual, it’s as simple as that. It has a quick release buckle so you can take the donut off quickly and easily.

It’s certainly a great choice and popular with pet owners.

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