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Your Cat Will Love This Quirky Mushroom Cat Scratching Post

If you are looking for a unique scratching post to keep your cat entertained then this mushroom design might just tick all of your boxes. It definitely stands out from the rest and your guests are going to spot this stylish scratching post straight away. It’s suitable for anywhere in your home such as the kitchen, hallway, living room or even your bedroom.

This scratching post has 3 different sized sisal mushrooms as well as a dangling ball and a bobbing mouse. Regular use of this scratching toy will help to keep your cats nails nice and trim and will help to prevent boredom as your cat will use their energy scratching, climbing and jumping onto the mushrooms. It stands at 24 inches tall at its peak which gives your cat a great height to view their surroundings.

It’s great for any cat from a kitten all the way up to a senior. If you cat needs a little encouraging to use the toy simply sprinkle a dusting of catnip around and on the mushrooms or you could even place their favourite snacks on there. As soon as your cat is enticed over they will naturally want to explore and scratch their claws. It’s great for multiple cats too as there is plenty of room for more than one cat to rest and play.
The sisal rope used is 100% natural and poses no threat to you cat as it is toxic free and completely safe to use. It’s the best way to save your furniture from being clawed and scratched to pieces.

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