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5 Best Silent Hamster Wheels

If you have ever owned a hamster then you know too well that they are nocturnal animals which means they come out to play at night, and just when you’re drifting off into a peaceful sleep you hear the dreaded squeak of the hamster wheel which can go on for quite some time! Did you know that a hamster can run up to 6 miles in one night? That’s a whole lot of running which makes it even more important to buy a quality wheel and more importantly one that does not squeak. 
Silent wheels are a fantastic choice for hamster owners because as the name suggests your little friend can run their marathon without you even knowing which allows you to have that all important sleep. This is especially important as some people do keep hamsters in the next room or even in their own bedrooms.
We’ve gathered some of the best silent wheels for your furry friend, from wooden designs to plastic ones you will find the best wheel for your hamster.

The Silent Runner Hamster Wheel

The silent runner hamster wheel is a popular choice because of its design of your hamsters safety in mind. Unlike some hamster wheels the Silent Runner has no centre bar which eliminates the risk of tails getting caught, curvature of the spine, or your pet getting into a wrap-around situation.
It features natural bean shaped holes for your hamster to enter and solid running tracks with a textured non slip surface so your hamster has a good grip when running. It’s spin is completely smooth and silent which is great for both you and your pet.
You can either use this hamster wheel on the floor of the cage or if you wanted it mounted onto the bars then it comes with a cage attachment. This is a great idea as it will free some space up in your pets cage.

Niteangel Super Silent Hamster Wheel

This super silent hamster wheel comes in a variety of vibrant colours and different sizes to choose from so whether you have a Russian Dwarf or Syrian hamster you will find a suitable wheel for them.
Your hamster can run as much as they like without disturbing your sleep thanks to the dual-ball bearing design which helps to reduce that all too familiar squeaking wheel sound.

Silent Spinner Hamster Wheel

The silent spinner hamster wheel is available in a variety of 4 colour variations to choose from including pink and white. This wheel will help to keep your little friend happy and healthy and will also help to prevent any boredom during the night. This wheel easily attaches to your hamsters cage and the running surface provides a comfy track for your hamster to burn their calories. 
It’s so easy to clean you can simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or If you needed to you can remove the wheel to wash it with warm soapy water and allow it to completely dry.

Zacro Hamster Wheel

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This modern hamster wheel is made from quality stainless steel and can either be used on the floor or mounted to a cage, both will provide a smooth and silent run no matter how far your hamster loves to run whether it’s one or six miles.
The shaftless design of this silent wheel eliminates the danger of a centre rod reducing any accidents for your small pet. Safety is always the number one priority when it comes to your pet. This wheel is easy to clean as there are no corner pieces are awkward spaces to get to, it’s a smooth surface and the transparent design allows you to see your pet from all angles.

Wooden Hamster Wheel

No matter what size your hamster is this wooden wheel comes in a variety of sizes which are small, medium and large. It has been carefully designed with your hamsters safety in mind. The cork running track is continuous which prevents any cracks or tripping so they will have a smooth ride on the paw friendly material. 
The wheel is made from Oak & Poplar wood which are both very durable and are gnaw resistant too.

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