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Is It Safe For My Dog To Have Chia Seeds?

Chia Seeds are tiny little seeds that come from a flowering plant that belongs to the mint family native to central and southern Mexico. Each tiny seed is oval in shape and grey/black in colour with small white spots. To look at these seeds seems nothing special but once you know the benefits you will be amazed at the power that these little seeds have. You might have seen Chia in your local supermarket or health food store but did you know that they offer a huge amount of beneficial goodness for your dog too?

How To Use Chia Seeds

Chia seeds will absorb up to a whopping 10-12 times their own weight in water which make them a brilliant way to hydrate the body. The best way to consume chia seeds is to soak a teaspoon of chia in a small amount of water. After a few minutes the chia will absorb the water and it will turn into a gel, gloopy type of mixture. The general rule is to start of small by adding 1/4 teaspoon of seeds to your dogs diet so their body can slowly get used to it and work your way up to 1 teaspoon for small dogs and 2 teaspoons for larger dogs. You may have to stir this mixture into their water or add it into their food. The gel is pretty tasteless so they shouldn’t notice too much of a difference.

Benefits Of Chia Seeds For Dogs

Chia seeds are an excellent source of fibre so whether you have a pup that suffers with constipation or bouts of diarrhoea, then chia can help to control either problem. Chia will help to regulate your dogs digestive system as the gel acts as an intestinal sweep helping unwanted toxins and food to move along the digestive tract. This can in turn also help your obese dog to loose weight as they will feel fuller for longer which will cut down their need to snack so often. 
If your dog is a diabetic these powerhouse seeds can also help by slowing down your dogs digestion which helps with blood sugar regulation as well as glucose tolerance. This is why Chia seeds are fantastic not only for humans but for dogs too.
If you are looking to add more omega 3’s into your dogs diet then look no further than Chia. Did you know that chia actually offers three times more the amount of omega-3 fatty acids as salmon? That’s pretty impressive right? These omega-3’s will help to keep your dogs joints in good condition which make them perfect for older pups who struggle with any joint issues such as arthritis as they are one of the best anti-inflammatory foods. They are also a great way to keep your dogs coat healthy and shiny. 
They are also a great source of protein and high in the minerals manganese, phosphorus, copper, selenium, iron, magnesium and calcium. They really are a little powerhouse of goodness that can benefit your dog in so many ways whether you have an active pup or you are looking to support an older dog. They are also pretty inexpensive to buy and you know your whole family can benefit from them too.

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