Indestructible Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers

Some dogs play cool yet others like to play a little more aggressive than their friends. These kind of pups aren’t always the large breeds as some people think, they can be any dog breed, it just depends on their natural behaviour and personality.

If you are blessed with an aggressive chewer then you know how frustrating it can be when that new toy only lasts a matter of minutes.


Benefits Of An Indestructible Dog Toy

Some of the best indestructible toys that you can give your dog should not only wear them out physically but they should encourage your dog to use their brain to solve problems too. This will be good for their senses, physical health and mental health too. Encouraging your dog to solve problems can help to use up any excess/anxious energy and will results in a happier pooch not to mention it’s a great boredom buster and that’s sometimes why your dog may be showing destructive behaviour.

The right toy can not only help your aggressive chewer to burn energy but it can really help benefit their dental health. As they chew on their toy it can help to rub off any plaque and also it is a great massager for the gums, so if you have an aggressive chewer their teeth should be sparkly white.

KONG - Extreme Dog Toy - Toughest Natural Rubber

By far the most popular indestructible dog toy is the Extreme Dog Toy by Kong with over 15,000 great reviews. This is made from a natural rubber that is super tough making it great for those aggressive chewers. 

To entertain your dog simply fill this kong with their favourite peanut butter or paste and watch as they use their energy to desperately get to the treat.

This toy comes in sizes from small to XXL.

KONG Tyre - Durable Rubber Chew Toy

The Kong tyre is another popular choice for those strong chewers out there. 

The shape of this toy makes it easy and fun for your dog to toss around the garden and it’s easy enough for you to throw for your dog too.

You can also fill the inside wall with your dogs favourite snacks for a real treat.

Kong Ball With Hole - Indestructible Toy

With Kong still rating high, this Kong Ball is fun for your dog to chase and catch and with the other products you can fill this one with any of your dogs favourite nibbles.

Watch as they try to get their yummy treat out of the hole. This toy is puncture resistant so it will definitely stand the test of time.

Benebone Wishbone Durable Dog Toy

The Benebone is super strong and is actually tougher than a real bone so your dog will be able to play with this toy for weeks on end.

This wishbone is made with your dog in mind as the curve is paw friendly for a comfortable grip as they chew away. 100% real bacon is used for flavour and absolutely nothing else making it a great natural choice.

Mango Dogs Toy For Aggressive Chewers

The durable mango dog toy is not only bright and colourful but you can fill it with some yummy snacks and it will send your dog crazy as they try to figure how to get the treats out.

It’s physically and mentally stimulating for your dog which will help to relieve stress and burn off excess energy.

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XXL Large Dog Rope Toy For Strong Dogs

You really can’t beat a good old fashioned tug rope. These are super popular for dogs of all sizes and this large rope is perfect for those giant dog breeds or those who can’t stop chewing.

It’s safe, non-toxic and it can be washed if needed.

The knots in the rope give your dog something to chew on and also gives you a good grip when playing tug with your pup.

Tough And Durable Squeaky Dog Toy

This durable dog toy will encourage your dog to play as the squeaking noise will motivate them to want to chew away at this toy.

It’s not only durable, it’s also eco-friendly too which is great news for those who look for natural products.

The bumps on this toy will make a great massage for your dogs gums.

Boomer Ball Durable For Large Dogs

The Boomer Ball is the ultimate tough toy and is virtually indestructible!

This is definitely a toy suited for those dogs with high energy and who love to chase and chew.

When choosing a size, bare in mind that this is designed so your dog can not pick up the toy so always choose a size larger than what your dog can carry.

Ultra-Durable Pineapple Dog Chew Toy

This durable pineapple dog toy has been tried and tested by Pitbulls. The shock absorbing material will give even the toughest of dogs a run for their money.

It’s puncture resistant and virtually indestructible so your pup will have hours of fun with this toy.

You can fill this toy with a treat such as peanut butter and the smell will instantly have your dog wanting to play.

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Durable Dog Dumbell Toy

This dumbbell dog toy is not only amusing, the 3D ridges will help to massage your dogs gums and the shape allows them to easily play and carry this durable toy.

This dumbbell is great for your dog to play alone and also makes a great way to bond with your dog playing fetch.


Durable Dog Bone Toy Great For Gums

This interesting bone shaped toy will really give your dogs gums a good massage and will help to reduce and tartar build up on their teeth.

It is made from a safe and non-toxic material making it a great choice for your dog. It’s very hard to destroy and pretty much indestructible. 

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Chuckit Ultra Ball Durable High Bounce Rubber Dog Ball

The Chuckit Ultra Ball is made from a natural and durable rubber so play time can go on and on.

With over 14,000 it’s easy to see why. This ball is not only a high bouncer but it floats in water too making it great for either taking to the park or beach.

It’s super easy to clean and the bright colours mean that you won’t loose this ball out in the field.

There is so much choice when it comes to choosing an indestructible dog toy for your aggressive chewer.

Remember to double check the toys measurements so it’s the correct size for your dog and the toys where you can fill them with snacks such as peanut butter really give your dog something to focus no and help to prevent boredom.

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