6 Best Dog Ball Launchers

Your dogs favourite part of the day besides food time is probably that all important daily trip to the park to play a few rounds of fetch with their ball.

It may seem like they could keep going and going but if you feel like your arms get weak from throwing the ball so often or you don’t feel like you have enough strength to throw it far enough then you might benefit from one of these handy ball throwers.

Benefits Of A Ball Launcher

Using a ball launcher will help the ball to go a greater distance so your dog will have to run faster and further to get it, this helps them to get in their daily exercise and will definitely get that heart pumping.

It’s a fun way of getting your dog to take more steps and to unleash some excess energy, plus it’s a great bonding experience as your dog will know what’s coming when they bring the ball back to you.

As your dog will be getting increased exercise from running more, they will be healthier and happier pup too. Their mental health will benefit also as exercise helps to reduce stress levels in not just humans but our dogs too.

A ball thrower can benefit the owner if they are physically unable to throw the ball far due to any restrictions or illness. The owner will be able to enjoy watching their dog play and chase the ball.

Chuckit! Ultra Grip Ball Launcher

You can’t really go wrong with the Chuckit! ultra grip ball launcher. Anyone can use this launcher for a faster, further ball throw and the best thing is you don’t even need to bend down to pick the ball up as this device will grab it easily. You will also avoid having to touch a slobbery ball.

A rubber handle is made with your comfort in mind so even if your dog has hours of energy and wants you to keep throwing the ball, you can use it in comfort.

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Toy (version 2018)

This highly addictive dog toy launches your dogs favourite ball into the air for a twist on the old throw and fetch ball game.

The Nerf dog tennis ball blaster features a hands free pick up so you never need to get your hands covered in dirt or slobber again.

You can use the Nerf dog tennis ball blaster in your own garden or it’s also ideal for taking to the park for the ultimate game of fetch, your dog is going to love every second.

iDogmate Ball Launcher Automatic Ball Thrower Remote Interactive

For the most awesome game of fetch this dog ball launcher is going to tick all of your boxes.

You can choose how far this machine shoots your dogs ball whether it’s 10, 20, 40 or 50 feet which is great for dogs of all breeds as some need it throwing further than others. You can also choose the variable setting so the machine will shoot a ball at a random distance each time to keep your dog guessing.

Once fully charged this automatic dog ball thrower can make up to 1000 launches.

The auto shut off feature allows this machine to save power so you get more uses out of a single charge. A remote control is also included so you can sit back and watch your dog do the hard work.

iDogmate Small Automatic Ball Launcher, For Mini Balls

This dog small ball launcher is made with those small breeds in mind as some of them can’t fit a full sized tennis ball in their mouth.

Mini rubber balls are also included with this launcher. You can select the launching distance or choose so it shoots out random distances to keep your dogs alert and focused.

Once this machine is fully charged it can support up to 250 launches which will give your dog plenty of fun.

The large funnel on top allows your dog to drop the ball into the machine so it can be launched out again.

PETPRIME Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Interactive Fetch Toy

This dog ball throwing machine makes the perfect game for your dog as it keeps them focused and motivated. It’s great for either indoor or outdoor use whether that’s in your garden,over the park or at the beach.

Choose from 3 different throw distance settings to suit your dogs ability.

Your dog will learn how to drop the ball into the funnel so it shoots out automatically meaning they can play alone or you can bond and play with them.

Funmix Pet Ball Feeder Toy

If your dog will do absolutely anything for food then this ball launcher is going to be the launcher of their dreams.

Keep your dog busy and entertained, it can help to keep your dog happy, healthy and to relieve boredom.

Your dog can learn to put their ball into the launcher and after the launch their favourite treats will pop out of the dispenser. It’s the ultimate reward.

It’s super easy to keep this machine clean and hygienic. Simply wipe down with warm soapy water or wipe over with some antibacterial spray.

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Before you purchase a dog ball throwing device make sure that you have an idea of which features you want the machine to have for example, do you want a treat dispenser too? Or do you need it to shoot out smaller balls for your small breed dog?

Whichever dog ball throwing device you go for, your dog will have hours of fun chasing their ball like never before.

They make great gifts for high energy dogs and even if you don’t have a large garden you can still take these machines to the park.

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