The Remote Reward Dog Trainer For Easy Training

As a dog owner it’s essential to train your pup from an early age so that they know how to behave and they know that you are the boss. An untrained dog can result in a dog that thinks he rules the house and just like a child they can become uncontrollable and make your life hard at times if discipline is not in place.

Positive discipline is always a great practise as dogs always repeat behaviours that are rewarded and most if not all dogs will do anything for a tasty little treat.

The Treat & Train dog trainer is a remote controlled reward system that uses positive reinforcement to train your dog to practise good behaviour and it can also train them to perform better in competitions too.

Why Use A Dog Trainer?

A dog reward trainer like this Treat and Train will help you and your family to encourage your dog to practise positive behaviour with a tasty reward at the end of it.

You will need to work with your pup whilst using this training device which promotes a great bonding experience for you both. Your dog will gain more confidence and trust.

How Does The Treat & Train Work?

This device is an external reward treat dispenser that is controlled via remote so all you need to do is fill the machine with tasty treats and get ready to press the button once your dog has displayed the correct behaviour. A beep sound will occur and this is a signal for your dog to get the treat, you can also change the volume and beep sound.

This can be used during training and is great for those moments when you need to distract your pup like if they bark at the door, have a tendency to attack the post that comes through the letterbox or if they beg or jump. It also works well for distance training and also simple commands such as sit, stay and come.

Once your dog gets the idea that they will get a reward it will instantly give them a confidence boost and it will give them great motivation too. You will have one happy dog.

Can Puppies Benefit From The Treat & Train?

Puppies can absolutely benefits from being trained with the treat and train reward system. Every pup and dog is different so the key to success is consistency and patience, most customers have found that they can train their pups within just a few weeks.

Can You Use The Treat & Train Indoors & Outdoors?

You can use the Treat & Train all year round so during the warmer months it can be used outdoors and during the winter months you can use this in any room in your home.

If you are worried about your dog trying to paw the machine for treats then don’t worry as this is a sturdy built system and can withstand amounts of pawing and nudging. You may notice that your dog tries to get into the treat dispenser at first, but as long as you don’t reward them at that time this behaviour will eventually disappear.

The pet training bundle includes the food dispenser unit, an extendable target stick with removable base and hand held clicker with finger hold. The target stick is great for obedience, agility and also playing games.

Small and large sized kibble can be used with the interchangeable food disks making it a great choice for any breed of dog.

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