The Heavy Duty Poop Scoop Set That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Let’s face it, if you have a dog then your daily chore is to pick up their poop from the garden. This not only protects you from stepping in it but also helps protect your family especially if you have small babies and toddlers that love to play in the garden too. The last thing you want is the kids to be stepping in or picking up the poop. It’s not the most pleasant job going round picking up poop especially when it’s freezing cold and all you have a is a poo bag so that’s why we think that this heavy duty poop scoop is going to make your life so much easier.
It’s super easy to use and easily scoops your dogs poop up without you having to bend down which is great especially if you suffer from any back or knee pains. The long rake and tray both have comfortable handles which are a perfect position for you to easily use.
Even if you have a large dog then there are no worries as this large tray lets you pick up a large amount in one go so you don’t have to keep trekking to the dustbin. It actually holds more poo than any other tray on the market. You can quickly and easily walk round your garden checking for those offensive poops and within seconds rake them into the pan and discard leaving your lawn safe for the rest of the family.
It’s really easy to clean as you can simply hose it down and if needed you can use hot soapy water to give it a good scrub. The great thing about this poop scoop is that it’s rust proof so it will survive all year round. Assembling this kit is incredibly easy, all you need to do is push and click, no tools needed. The push pin installation lasts a lot longer compared to the twist design that some are made with because with use the twist ones way unravel as this push pin is guaranteed to stay in place.
Simply store away in your garage or shed and it’s ready for when you need it again.

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