Discover Your Horses Genetics With Just A Hair From Their Tail

Discover more about your horse without having to test their blood, all that is needed for this DNA test is a stand of hair from their tail, it’s as easy as that.
This test will provide you with an in depth comparison of your horses genetic make-up and how it may or may not be similar to other breeds from around the world. Over 65 plus traits will be tested for such as colour, coat patterns, health, disease risk, performance, ability and so much more that gives you a great insight into your horse.

You will relieve an in depth diagnostic report from the lab that will let you know your hoses genetic make-up in terms of percent blood they share with known populations of horses. If you have no idea what breed your horse is then this test will tell you the breed composition, however many breeds that may consist of.

So if you’ve always been interested in your horses DNA then this kit is super simple to use and gives you a great insight.

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