The Heavy Duty Hay Bale For Slow Feeding Your Horse

This zero waste, durable mesh feeder leaves minimal mess which makes your life a whole lot easier when it comes to keeping your Horses surroundings clean and tidy. Another great benefit is that you will be saving on money because of the minimal mess.
It is made for the most aggressive eaters and is double knotted unlike most that are only single knotted. The heavy gauge round bale hay net is made with 1.5 inch holes which encourages your horse to eat slower and mindfully resulting in better digestion and overall health. If your horse eats the hay too quick then this can cause a variety of digestive issues and discomforts for them whereas this bail helps to prevent colic, founder and even ulcers.
It is made with a wide mouth for easy installation with a drawstring closure and the UV resistant mesh makes it great for those hot summer months.
The company that design these nets, Texas Haynet, design their slow feed hay nets with all livestock in mind so you can be sure that this is safe for your animals. They offer a variety of nets such as smaller ones for more manageable portions.

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