Dog Car Guard For The Audi Q7 

This Audi Q7 dog guard gives you peace of mind as it is durable and gives you a strong barrier between passenger and dog, this is especially great for those dogs who have strength or that are always trying to get into the front seat, there is no chance of them creeping their way over this Audi Q7 dog guard. It keeps your pup secure and safe whilst travelling, whether it’s a short journey up the road or a long road trip.
This Audi Q7 dog car guard is suitable for those models without the panoramic sunroof and can be used with the parcel shelf/load cover in use. The Audi models that this dog guard is compatible with are as follows:
  • Audi Q7 2015 – 2019
  • Audi Q7 2019 ->
  • Audi Q7 e-tron 2015 – 2019
  • Audi SQ7 8R 2016 ->
It’s very easy to install and requires no drilling or vehicle modifications which some guards may need you to do. It is also supplied with the fitting kit and a very simple guide to follow which takes you through each step of the installation process. Overall this dog guard will provide you with a rattle free fit which some universal guards are guilty of. If needed, you can remove the dog guard at anytime and there is no need to worry about any residual damage and unsightly marks on the seats or headrest. 
On average this guard can be installed in half an hour and takes just minutes to remove. 
It is made from a tough and durable steel frame with a steel mesh so no matter what breed of dog you have or how excited they might be to get to you, you can be assured they are secured in the boot. Even if your dog decides to chew their way to you, the non-toxic finish is completely safe and will not harm your dog.
Environmental factors have been taken into consideration when designing this dog car guard as it is manufactured with a low carbon footprint.
This dog guard can also allow parents to feel at peace with a little one in the back, especially if you have a child using a rear facing seat. It prevents and loose cargo from falling onto them, they will be able to see your pet at a safe distance with you knowing both are protected and secure.

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