You Won’t Even Know This Plant Pot Is A Litter Box

If you have a cat then you know that litter trays are very ugly things to keep in the house and when guests come the last thing you want them to be looking at and even smelling is your cats litter tray. 
We think that you’re going to be just as amazed as we were with this secret litter box disguised as a beautiful plant pot with river stones that secure the faux plant in place, it looks pretty realistic too. You no longer have to be embarrassed at the eye sore of your cats litter box with this beautiful but secret toilet that they can use with complete privacy. The extra large box is 20 inches across which makes it big enough for even the fluffiest of felines.
Safe BPA materials have been used to create this secret plant litter box and it also adds some fine decor to any room of your home with it’s neutral tones and aesthetics. The great thing about this litter tray is that a reusable tarpaulin fabric tray liner is also available which saves your pennies and also helps to combat landfill overflow. Simply dump out any waste and give the liner a quick clean then use again and again.
There is no need to worry about nasty smells as the odour fighting carbon will eliminate smells and help to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. The carbon filter has a 2 inch thick surface area which makes it really effective when it comes to neutralising smells before they begin to spread so your home will smell fresher for longer.

It’s super easy to clean too and won’t absorb odour like certain other materials do. As the litter tray is hidden and your cat has to climb inside to use it, this will result in less mess on your floor.

There are fantastic review for this product and one user shared a great tip where they decided to hot glue the rocks to the foam so when it came time to change the litter the rocks didn’t fall everywhere. A lot of customers are saying how pretty it looks in their living space and the guests never guess that it’s a secret litter tray.

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