These Elegant Pet Urns Are A Special Keepsake

Loosing a beloved pet is one of the hardest things we have to go through and the grieving process can be tough. It is important to allow yourself to grieve and also remind yourself of the amazing times you had with your pet knowing that you gave them the best life that they could possibly have had. A lovely way to keep those memories at heart is with special sentimental pieces that every time you look at you will be reminded of your loving pet. 
These beautiful high quality urns come in a variety of colours and sizes so you will find one to suit your needs for you to express your ever lasting love. They are made from a solid brass material with an elegant design of hand carved paw prints and even the lids are also cast and finished on a lathe which is all done by hand. You will feel at peace knowing the lid is a threaded screw top which securely contains the remains of your loved pet. 

Simply place the urn in a chosen place, this may have been your pets favourite spot in the house or in the garden. Each time you walk past the urn it will be a great memorial which will honour your pet.

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