The Orthopedic Dog Bed For Your Giant Dog Breed

If you have a giant dog breed such as a Saint Bernard or Newfoundland then you know just how hard it can be when it comes to finding quality products for your four legged friend.
Giant dog breeds are well known for having issues with their hips and joints especially as they age, so finding a high quality orthopedic dog bed is essential for your pups comfort.
The Big Barker 7” pillow top orthopedic dog bed has outstanding reviews and it’s easy to see why. This bed has been especially designed for those large dog breeds and has also been clinically proven by the University of Pennsylvania with a study that showed after just 28 days of use, data showed less pain and more mobility. That’s a huge benefit for your dog, especially if they struggle with joint issues.

The orthopedic dog bed is so well made that it offers a 10 year warranty. Unlike most dog beds it won’t flatten or pancake and will certainly stand the test of time. Since 2012 Big Barker beds have been in the homes of over 100,000 pet families.

Sizes come in a choice of Large (48x30x7), Extra Large (52x36x7) or Giant (60x48x7) and comes in a range of colours to choose from such as Burgundy, Charcoal Gray, Chocolate and Khaki.
The microfibre material feels so luxurious and as your dog is sleeping on the bed, the unique 3 stage memory foam design evenly supports your dogs weight which gives them the comfiest nights sleep. The outer layers of the orthopedic dog bed offer comfort for your dog and the middle layer is what provides your dog with the important resilient support and diverts pressure points from reaching the floor underneath.
When it comes to cleaning this bed it couldn’t be easier. The cover is safe for the washing machine to provide you with the deepest clean.

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