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This Extra Wide Dog Gate Keeps Your Pup Safe In The Home

If you have an extra wide entrance in your home that a normal dog gate won’t reach across then this extra wide dog fence measures at 144 inches long and will safely keep your pup from straying the house.
This clever design is made up of 6 panels which are secured together with sturdy 360 degree hinges which makes it multifunctional. You can simply use this as a pet gate or it can be easily turned into a play pen to keep your pup safe and secure. It’s a brilliant idea for using both indoor and outdoor and works well on a porch too if you want to use the gate to block the entrance so your dog can’t escape.

It folds away easily and neatly which makes it great for not only storing away but for taking on trips too as it can easily fit into your car. It is available in either black or white to suit your style and blend in with your home decor.

There is a swinging door in the middle of this extra wide dog gate which is lockable so even the craftiest of dogs won’t be able to escape. It is a free standing dog gate so you don’t need to worry about fixtures or drilling holes into your walls etc, there are also 2 extra support feet if needed.

The gate is made from a very durable solid wood frame and the strong metal wire sections allows your pet to clearly see what is going on so that they can still see you in the other room. 

It’s also great for keeping toddlers within one room so that they are safe and secure.

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