These Spikey Dog Balls Keep Gums Healthy 

This set of 4 vibrant spikey dog balls are great for your playful pup. Your dog will have hours of fun playing with these balls whether it’s a friendly game of fetch or playing by themselves, they will be stimulated and entertained for hours on end.
The spikes on these balls will not only keep your dog engaged in play but as your dog chews on them the spikes will help to massage their gums and remove plaque too. As your dogs gums get massaged, this will help to promote better circulation which will help to improve the overall health and longevity of their teeth and gums. It’s the perfect way to oral health especially if your pup doesn’t like their teeth brushed or they have a slight build up of plaque.
As the ball easily and comfortably fits into your dogs mouth he/she can carry it wherever they want. These have been designed with your dogs pleasure and safety in mind and a pet safe material made of food-grade safe plastic and TPR rubber with a non choke design. They are very durable and provide a satisfying feel for all dogs that love to chew, even the most aggressive chewers.
Each ball is 3.5 inches which will fit into most dogs mouths. So if you’re looking for a great gift for a playful pup then these balls are definitely a fab choice.

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