Top 10 Best Floating Dog Toys 

It’s that time of year again, the sun is out and it’s a great time to get back into that pool or take your dog to the water for a swim. If you have a pup that absolutely loves the water then chances are they will enjoy a game of fetch or maybe they just enjoy to swim with a toy in their mouth. This list of unique and fun floating toys are great for those beach/water family days out.

Floating Pool Dog Toy

This floating dog toy is a fun design which is completely safe and non toxic. The bumps on this toy helps to massage your dogs gums as they chew and play which helps with their overall oral health. You can even spread some peanut butter on this toy to keep your dog entertained for a longer period of time. 

Starfish Dog Floating Toy

This fun starfish floating toy comes in a choice of yellow or green. It’s a great toy for a game of fetch in the pool and your dog will love swimming alone with this in their mouth, not to mention they won’t miss the vibrant colour in the water!

Chuckit! Bumper Floating Toy

This Chuckit! Bumper floating dog toy is a favourite with dogs that love to play water fetch. It’s designed with a lightweight memory foam and the rope is knotted for secure grip which makes it comfortable for your dog to swim along with.

Floating Frisbee Dog Toy

You will have so much fun with this floating frisbee toy, it’s designed for long distance flight which makes it perfect for all of the family to play with your dog in the pool or sea. 

Floating Rubber Ring Dog Toy

This floating rubber dog ring toy is great for even the most aggressive chewers. Your dog will be able to easily spot this dog ring as it floats on the water, it’s a good choice for all water play whether it’s in a paddling pool or at the beach.

Floating Dog Spinner Toy

You definitely won’t loose sight of this dog toy at the beach as the vibrant green is very eye catching! You will have os much fun throwing this floating dog toy into the water and watching your pup swim to retrieve it.

Kong Floating Dog Toy

The very popular Kong toy now has a floating version for your water loving pooch. The design allows your dog to easily carry and they definitely won’t miss the neon orange colour as it floats in the water. Your dog can either grab this toy by the rubber body or the durable rope.

Paraflight Floating Dog Disc

This fun floating disc is not only great exercise for your dog as they run to fetch it but it will give you a good work out as you throw it for your pup. It’s designed for long distances so go on and see how far you can throw this into the water for your dog. They’ll keep coming back for more.

Fun Floating Shark Dog Toy

This floating dog toy makes a really fun and unique toy for your water loving pup. It not only looks cute but it’s made from safe materials that are durable so it will stand the test of time of many days of water play.

Floating Dog Ball Vibrant

These lightweight balls are great for a game of water fetch. They are perfect for those aggressive chewers as they are bite resistant and although they are very durable they are actually soft and friendly on your dogs gums too. 

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