This Paw Print Boot Liner Protects Your Vehicle From Muddy Paws

If you have a dog then you know it doesn’t take much for them to dirty up your car. A simple walk can result in mud, leaves, twigs and who knows what else getting stuck to their paws and they will bring all of the much into your freshly cleaned car.

A boot liner like this one is designed for pets and the paw prints makes it look super attractive too.

This universal liner measures 155cm x 104cm x 33cm and is designed to fit into most vehicles but as always, please double check measurements before purchasing. It is going to be a game changer if you don’t have one in your car already.

It is so easy to install and will literally just take you a few minutes to hook it up in your car. 

Two adjustable strap buckles loop around the headrests and the four strong velcro stickers hold the liner in place.


This liner has been made with a waterproof fabric which makes it great for those wet months and is ideal for those pups who can’t resist a swim on every walk.

The cover is easily washable and you will have it clean again within minutes. 

You can simply use a damp and mildly soap cloth to remove any dirt such as mud etc or if it’s looking a bit hairy you can also give this mat a hoover.

It is recommended to clean this mat on a regular basis to ensure your dog always has a clean environment when travelling, plus it will keep your car smelling fresh because as we all know, the smell of wet dog can be pretty intense.

You will absolutely love this boot liner and the cute design makes it look even more appealing. 

To make the area extra cosy for your dog you could place their favourite blanket or even bed in there for them to have the comfiest ride possible.

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