Create A Magical Underwater Scene With The BioCube

Create an underwater masterpiece for your home and wow your guests when they come to visit with this Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium. It will look great in any room of your home and you can let your imagination run wild with the decor from vibrant aquarium stones, enticing ornaments and funky fish, it’s going to look awesome.

This tank is easy to set up and easy to maintain too which makes it great for busy families and the built in filtration system which is built into the back of the tank makes this tank compact and user friendly. 

You can create a variety of underwater scenes and the kids are going to love getting involved too.

This tank is capable of sustaining and growing plants and corals so the choice of decor is endless. The large viewing area is perfect and shows off your tank from all angles.

The sleek and modern hood comes complete with beautiful LED lighting which is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater environments. It provides you with bright white LEDs for daytime use and lovely sparkling blue moon glows for the evening. The BioCube Aquarium will look stunning wherever you decide to place this tank in your home whether you have it as a focal point for when guests walk in or you decide to place it in your living room it’s going to look great.

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