This Unique Tank Mounts Onto Your Wall

This very unique tank actually mounts onto your wall which will have your guests surprised and very curious. The clear tank holds approx 1 gallon of water and comes with small stones and false weed for decor. You can always buy your own plants and decoration and switch the design up every so often.

The wall aquarium is made of a high quality acrylic which is very light yet sturdy and will not break so there’s no need to worry about any clumsy family members or kids accidentally breaking it. It’s very easy to set up as all you need to do is drill the screw into the wall and hang it up in place. The opening is large enough as well for you to clean it out.
This fish tank is great if you really want a fish tank but you are short on space, you could place it in any room of your home. It would also make a lovely gift for someone who wants a beautiful display but has no spare table or cabinet space, it would be an unusual yet creative addition for any office space.

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