Top 10 Gifts For Sheep Lovers

Sheep are pretty cute creatures and if you have a friend who absolutely adores them then these gifts will give you some great inspiration for some fun and quirky sheep related presents. From mugs to 100% sheep wool balls, you will find the perfect gift for that special someone who is sheep mad.

Wooly Heroes Dryer Balls

For a present that’s a little different from the rest, these 100% wool balls are sustainable and eco-friendly that will dry up to 1000 loads. Dryer balls actually speeds up drying time by 20%-40% saving you on time, energy and money, it’s a win win!

Sheep Cotton Ball Holders

These are the cutest cotton ball/bud holders we’ve ever seen! You can put them on display in your bathroom and your guests will be wondering where you got them from. You could store anything in these containers from cotton balls to sweets, get your creative mind flowing.

Standing Sheep Toy 14 Inch

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Whatever age, you definitely can’t go wrong with a stuffed sheep toy. It will definitely put a smile on that special someones face.

Sheep Cosmetic Bag

This adorable cosmetic bag will make a great gift as it can be used to store a variety of things such as makeup, cosmetics, stationary and so much more!

Felted Sheep Figurines

These comical felted sheep figurines will brighten up your day, each little sheep has their own personality and you can either place them altogether as a flock or have some fun and place one in a different room of your home.

Sheep Crossbody Purse With Strap

This crossbody zipper closure purse is not only trendy but practical too. It’s great for those occasions when you only need the bare essentials on your trip out, it will hold smaller items such as your phone, keys, headphones, passport, tickets, cash, card and lipstick.

Sheep Toilet Paper Holder

This sheep toilet paper holder is defiantly a strong favourite and it will certainly make your guests smile when they see this cheeky sheep sitting in your bathroom. It makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

Easily Distracted By Sheep

A keyring is always a great choice because nearly everybody has a set of keys! It is great for those who are easily distracted by sheep.

Sheep Spoon Rest

A spoon rest is one of those items you never knew you needed until someone buys you one. Place your dirty spoons and utensils on this rest when you’re not using them and it will help to keep your counters cleaner for longer.

Sheep Coloring Book

These days who doesn’t love a good colouring book and this sheep one will certainly be loved by sheep fans whether you decide to use oil pastels, paints, pens, pencils or crayons, it’s time to get creative.

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