Best Horse Riding Helmets

Whether you are new to the horse riding scene and starting out as a beginner or you are already an expert rider, it is absolutely worth investing your money in a high quality helmet that provides maximum protection in the event of a fall. There are so many many helmets on the market and not all of them are made in the same way.

Did you know that horse riding is actually voted as the third most dangerous sport? It’s at the top of the list alongside boxing and rugby. It is estimated that around 24% to 61% of horse riding injuries occur to the upper body and that’s including the skull. Each year there are deaths from horse riding and injuries can be anything from cuts and bruises to more serious injuries such as paralysis and spinal cord damage.

By investing in a high quality horse riding helmet you will reduce the risk of any serious head and brain injuries and also reducing the impact of hitting the ground when falling. A horse riding helmet will disperse the impact over a greater area which in turn prevents a concentrated impact in a single area on the head.

Always wear a hat whenever you ride, even if it’s the shortest trip you never know what could happen, it’s always best to be safe than sorry. Also, when you are handling your horse for example in the stable you should wear a hat to incase they kick out as a horses kick can be extremely powerful and fatal. Horses can be very tame creatures but they are still animals and accidents do and will happen.

How Does A Horse Riding Helmet Work?

You may think that the hard outer shell of a horse riding helmet is the part that protects you but it’s actually the protective liner which is made from high grade polystyrene that is the star of the show.

In the event of a fall the hard outer shell of a helmet helps to disperse the impact over a wide spread area and the polystyrene liner actually increases the amount of time it takes for the shock to reach your head therefore decreasing bruising. The hat liner will collapse due to the layers of bubbles bursting during a fall, just think of a sheet of bubble wrap inside the helmet. This is why after any kind of fall or even dropping it on the yard, the hat needs to be replaced for your future safety.

What To Look For When Buying A Horse Riding Helmet

Now that you know how a horse riding helmet works, you can see why it’s absolutely crucial to purchase the best hat that you can afford and never buy secondhand as you don’t know it’s past.

First of all you need to measure up and this is the most important part so remember to take care and do the measurement a few times so you get an accurate reading. A helmet will only protect you if the fit is nice and snug, you don’t want any movement when wearing it.

You should have a budget in mind, and as we’ve discussed it’s always a good idea to invest in a high quality, premium product instead of compromising on safety and opting for a lower priced helmet.

The exterior of a helmet should be made from either a high quality fiberglass or plastic. This is the first layer that will protect you by absorbing the shock and distributing it out evenly.

The next layer is the internal foam padding and this provides you with comfort and support. Make sure when buying a helmet that it is generously lined with foam padding.

Some helmets come with removable liners so you can easily take them out to wash. This keeps your hat fresh and clean and also saves you on having to buy a new helmet, instead you just replace the liner. (helmets typically last around 3-5 years).

You should also consider the weight of a helmet as some hats are lightweight which is great for riding as it doesn’t feel too heavy and clunky on your head. Comfort is a top priority, you should be able to forget that you are wearing a hat so you can tune all your focus into riding your horse.

Not all horse riding helmets are made with the same amount of ventilation but this is something to consider as you need proper ventilation when out riding to keep your head cool and also comfortable.

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Charles Owen Wellington Classic Velvet Horse Riding Hat...
  • Low profile
  • Hidden ventilation
  • Kitema Rked to PAS015: 2011 and to BSEN 1384
  • Adjustable drawstring at bottom of the skull
Uvex Unisex-Adult, perfexxion II riding helmet,...
  • Impact-resistant on the outside and shock-absorbing on the inside thanks to the robust outer shell and EPS inner shell
  • Optimum adaptation to the circumference and the shape of your head thanks to the adjustable uvex IAS 3.0 system incl. height adjustment
  • One-handed opening of the helmet thanks to the anatomically shaped uvex monomatic comfort lock
  • Optimised air circulation through cleverly designed ventilation openings
Gatehouse Conquest MK2 Riding Hat Matt Navy -...
  • Meet the Gatehouse MKII riding helmet.
  • It's Kitemarked and meets some of the highest standards of protection, including PAS 015 2011 and VG01.
  • Kitemarked riding helmet that meets PAS 015 2011, VG01 standards
  • Lightweight and elegant hat is available in various fashionable finishes. Highly ventilated helmet keeps you cool in the height of competition. New...
Gatehouse Conquest MK2 Riding Hat Metallic Black -...
  • Meet the Gatehouse MKII riding helmet.
  • It's Kitemarked and meets some of the highest standards of protection, including PAS 015 2011 and VG01.
  • Kitemarked riding helmet that meets PAS 015 2011, VG01 standards
  • Lightweight and elegant hat is available in various fashionable finishes. Highly ventilated helmet keeps you cool in the height of competition. New...

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CX Best Professional Equestrian Caps Equestrian

This quality horse riding helmet is very strong and will protect your head during all types of riding in all sorts of weather conditions.

It’s super comfortable to wear and the soft fabric and neck protection ensures the best fit possible.

The wicking padded liner is designed with your comfort in mind and can be removed for washing. It is also quick drying which makes it great for all conditions. 

Charles Owen Wellington Classic Velvet Horse Riding Hat Helmet

This Charles Owen Wellington Classic horse riding hat is a quality made product for all types of riding.

For those who are looking for good ventilation, this low profile horse riding hat offers hidden ventilation for your comfort in mind.

The adjustable drawstring at the base of the skull allows you to get a safe and secure fit and the soft leather straps sit comfortable on your chin.

Charles Owen Ayrbrush Riding Helmet

This Popular AyrBrush with pinstripe is a sophisticated design and will really stand out from the crowd when you’re out and about riding.

It holds the latest technology and has a shell that will absorb and impact shocks and it’s also strengthened with glass reinforced fibres and soft GRpx technology that ensures a comfortable fit.

Ventilation slots are featured at the front and rear of the helmet which offers you all round circulation. The smooth matte finish is designed with an exclusive mark-resistant paint for easy maintenance. 

Uvex Unisex - Adult Perfexxion Ii Riding Helmet

This Uvex horse riding helmet is suited for both males and females and the trendy design fits in with all outfits. It comes in a variety of colours to choose from.

It is a very high quality made riding helmet that offers more air, more comfort and more protection than ever before.

The generous padding will allow the rider to experience pure comfort and allow them to forget that they are wearing a helmet.

Horka Safety Adjustable Horse Riding Helmet

This Horka horse riding helmet is an attractive designed suitable for all riders and all riding styles.

It is designed with your safety and comfort in mind, to ensure the most perfect fit it’s equipped with a clever turn-key system which is easy to use.

This helmet is available in sizes from XS to Large so whatever your size you will find the right one for you.

Gatehouse Conquest MK II Riding Hat Matt

This attractive Matt finished hat comes in either blue or black so whatever your style you have a great option to choose from.

It has a slim profile and is a lightweight hat which makes it great for when you have to carry it and wear it for long periods of time. It’s so comfortable you might just forget your wearing it.

This horse riding hat complies with the latest hat testing regulations so you can be assured this is a high quality product.

Gatehouse Conquest MK2 Riding Hat Metallic

This lightweight metallic horse riding hat is guaranteed to protect when you’re out and about riding.

It is kite marked and also meets some of the highest standards of protection.

The padded liner is lightweight and removable so you can keep it fresh at all times.

It’s a fantastic choice whether you’re a beginner or advanced.


So now you’ve had a look at a great selection of horse riding hats you have a good understanding of what to look for.

Keep in mind that safety should not be compromised when buying a helmet and never buy second hand.

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