This Enclosed Litter Box Cabinet Blends With Your Home Decor

If you have a cat then you are fully aware of how unsightly a cat litter box can be, especially when you don’t have any spare rooms to place it in so it ends up being placed in the corner of the kitchen or the bathroom.

They are not only an ugly sight but they can be pretty smelly too, even if you do clean them out on a daily basis. It can be slightly off putting too when your guests come round and they have to make eye contact with the litter tray, not a pretty sight.

A great solution to this smelly problem is to treat your cat to a litter tray area like they’ve never seen before. 

This cabinet is perfect for any room in your home and your cat can use it in complete privacy. It’s a great little hub for your cat or kitten.

Cat Litter Tray Cabinet - Walk In Design

This very attractive cat litter box is created with a modern style to fit in with your home decor. You can blend it into your home by placing lovely decor such as flowers and ornaments on top to make it seem like a normal cabinet.

The great thing about this litter tray cabinet is that it features a walk in design where you cat can happily do their kitty business in complete privacy. As you may know, cats absolutely love to hide out in boxes and small spaces so this will be loved by your cat.

The cabinet features an inside shelf for larger items and a top drawer which can fit a variety of small sized items.

It’s so simple and easy to use, all you need to do is prepare your cat litter tray with fresh pellets and pop it into this cabinet then close the door.

You cat may need some encouragement if they don’t appear to use it straight away but that’s okay it might just take them a while to get used to the new idea.

There is an adorable cat face shaped entrance on each side of the cabinet so your cat has full access at all times.

As we mentioned cats love small spaces to hide out in and a lot of happy customers have also purchased this cabinet as an area for their cats to hide out and sleep in.

Whatever use you use this cat litter tray cabinet for, your cat is going to thank you for this purchase and they will soon make it as their own.

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